Opie the Opossum

My dog Toby is often a daschund (I can't predict if I am spelling that correctly). Someone told me once that dashchunds (maybe if I spell it differently every time, I will are right among the times) were originally bred to hunt and kill gophers. It totally makes sense in my experience. He is my protector. Even when the entire content of our kids could care less what I am doing, Toby is following me around (to get fair, he could just be trying to find me dropping food that they can snag).
Anyway, yesterday I allow him to to pee one further time when it is bedtime and that he didn't appear in and I heard a racket of barking and snarling outside my bedroom door. I went to take a look (and to make him be quiet prior to the police, FBI, CIA and neighborhood watch were called) and I saw he previously an enormous (okay, I exaggerate, an incredibly, huge) possum in his jaws anf the husband was throwing it around just like a rag doll. I immediately thought of rabies. He gets his shots regularly because of this very reason. So now, to increase the thunderous noise inside my backyard, I started screaming at him "You're gonna get rabies from that thing! Drop it now!" He, naturally, ignored me completely and tossed the thing some more. I know I should love all God's creatures, but I find possums really repugnant. I apologize to anyone who thinks they are cute. And, incidentally, you must seek specialist help.
So there humane possum removal melbourne am, wrestling with a dog that's wrestling having a possum. Someone should have gotten it on film. I finally got him faraway from it and shoved him inside. Now is when you should tell your children to prevent reading. But I will say, no cute, fuzzy animals were harmed on this story. However, really, really ugly ones were. I went out to look (carefully) in the possum. It was toast. Possum removal Camberwell could not bring myself to throw it within the garbage at 10 pm. So I went along to bed.
This morning Toby could barely contain himself he wanted to go outside so bad. I was not fooled into thinking his bladder was that full. No dummy, moi. So I went outside and low and behold - the possum was gone! Either Harry Potter found visit and transfigured it into an ivy leaf or, it really wasn't dead. I guess "playing possum" it not just a vintage saying. So, Possum removal Caulfield 's well that ends well.
Ode to Opie
There once was a hideous creature Who, really having to pee, sure That he was alone, He strayed faraway from home, And my dog rearranged his features.

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